Cappadocia Trekking Tour

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Cappadocia Trekking Tour

Get ready to walk in a breathtaking view with the Cappadocia trekking tour! Fairy chimneys, volcanoes, wind, snow, rain, erosion, which change color according to the light of the day, have worked for this region. You will experience the paths, flowers, natural life, cultural artifacts (mosques, churches, and synagogues), and historical places lost among the poplars on the horizon with a Cappadocia trekking tour.

Cappadocia Trekking

Trekking in Cappadocia

As a result of the simultaneous eruption of many volcanoes, Cappadocia was covered with a thick tuff layer that reaches 100 meters in height today. Streams carved deep valleys on this tuff layer over time and created interesting geographical formations. Each of the valleys carved by the streams constitutes the important trekking tracks of Cappadocia today. Most of the Cappadocia trekking trails have untouched beauty and are just waiting to be discovered. Trekking in Cappadocia is never just trekking. Nature and history are so intertwined in Cappadocia that you cannot turn your back on history even if you wanted to. The most important difference that distinguishes Cappadocia trekking tracks from other trekking tracks in our country and makes them unique is here. Trekking in Cappadocia is like listening to a fairy tale in the land of fairy chimneys.

Trekking Areas of Cappadocia

There are numerous trekking areas in Cappadocia. In the region, we can also offer you different options depending on your request. Some valleys have been given romantic names that will appeal to tourists. The name “Valley of Love” has taken hold so much that several valleys have been called by the same name. Most of the valleys are named after the stream that runs through them. The valleys, which are frequently walked in the region and which have become the classic trekking area of ​​Cappadocia today, are 14-15 on average. If you want to have a unique experience with a trekking tour in Cappadocia, contact us now!

Trekking Tour

You will be from your hotel in the morning to join the Trekking Tour. This tour generally takes about minimum 2 , maximum 8 hours

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