9 Unknown Facts About Flying in a Hot Air Balloon!

One of the most romantic and unforgettable moments of traveling in Cappadocia is the flight with a hot air balloon. A hot air balloon flight allows you to see sights you have never seen before, to experience emotions you have never experienced.

You will be surprised when you look at the unique landscapes of Cappadocia from above. It is an adventure where time almost stops, and your breath is held. You will not see such sights anywhere in the world; this is a true miracle of nature.

If you have a reason – if there is a special event in the life of your relatives or friends, you can give them a gift that you will remember for a lifetime. Hot air balloons in Cappadocia will allow you to see the vast valleys and rocky houses, fairy chimneys, and underground cities from a bird’s eye view.

Want to know interesting facts about Cappadocia hot air balloon? Then keep reading!

1. The first test subjects in the balloon were duck, lamb, and rooster!

Yes, you read it right! The Frenchman Joseph Michel Montgolfier and his brother Jacques Etienne Montgolfier initiated the first flight tests in Paris. One of the test flights took place in Paris on September 19, 1783, when you placed a duck, a lamb, and a rooster in a balloon basket and launched the balloon into the air.

Hot air balloon in Cappadocia
Hot air balloon in Cappadocia

2. Drinking champagne after a hot air balloon ride is a tradition in French culture!

The first balloon tests were conducted on farms and fields near Paris. These flights, initiated by the French aristocrats, began to disturb and frighten the workers in the areas over time.

The farmers were so frightened that some even believed the balloons were dragons. Later, French aristocrats offered champagne to calm the farmers after the flight. This tradition, born many years ago, is still preserved today. The wines offered after the balloon has landed the passengers calmly allow them to start the day pleasantly.

3. The most exciting balloons are found in Bristol!

Those who ride the balloon with a glass basket are afraid of the scenery under their feet, but then they get used to it. The glass basket balloon, launched in 2010, continues to attract the attention of tourists who love adventure and heights. If you come to Bristol, you can have this incredible experience.

4. Did you know that there is a balloon festival held every year worldwide?

During the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you can see 700 hot air balloons simultaneously in the sky. The festival lasts for nine days. And during this time, balls of various shapes rise into the air.

You can see balloons as movie characters, castles, ghosts, and more. It is truly a unique experience to watch such a show in a festival area with 54 football fields.

5. You cannot control the flight direction!

The main difference between a hot air balloon and other vehicles is that you cannot control the direction of flight.

A balloon moving in the direction of the wind actually feels very unusual. When you take to the sky with a hot air balloon, you will surrender completely to the hands of nature, and you will feel that time passes more slowly.

6. People used balloons not only for touristic or scientific purposes but also for duels!

According to a story in France, in 1808, two young Frenchmen fell in love with the same girl. Fighting for the girl they love, two lovers take to the sky with balloons and decide to continue their rivalry.

Two hot air balloons soar into the sky from the center of the village. Of course, the villagers and the starring girl in this action are all watching the duel. The duelists start shooting at each other, and one of the duelists crashes into the other’s balloon, sending that person to death.

7. Balloons were used as agents for the first time in the American Civil War!

Soldiers who go up to the sky with a balloon during the war can see from which side the enemy is moving. This method, which worked for a long time, was later banned with the invention of long-range weapons.

Thanks to the balloons, the enemy quickly spotted the soldiers and came under fire. For this reason, in 1863, the American government banned the use of balloons in wars.

8. One of the most popular pastimes between 1800 and 1900 was balloon jumping!

The crazy and adventurous pilots have strapped themselves into a hot air balloon that soars into the sky without a basket. After the balloon rose entirely into the sky, the pilots freed themselves from the ropes and jumped into the void with a parachute.

Among the applause of hundreds of people watching them below after they landed. More often than not, such extreme entertainment ended in tragedy.

9. Do you know why hot air balloon rides aren’t done in the rain?

Balloons rise to the sky with the effect of fire. Because the temperature of the fire changes when it rains, the dome of the balloon may be damaged, causing the balloon to fall.

The hot air balloon was invented in 1766 and has been used to transport people and goods. In Cappadocia, you can take the first air transportation in the history of humanity and see the dazzling landscapes of Anatolia from a bird’s eye view.

You can also take a look at the Cappadocia hot air balloon tours and ask your questions immediately.

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