Cappadocia Cave Hotels

Cappadocia cave hotels attract the attention of many people. Standing out with its fairy chimneys, Cappadocia welcomes many tourists and travelers every year. Due to its historical texture, Cappadocia cave hotels stand out with their cave concept. Within the framework of the geographical structure of the region, the fact that the erosion of volcanic shapes formed the hotels caused the hotels to stand out with a different concept from other touristic resorts. Hotels made of caves cover almost every part of Cappadocia.

Cave hotels still exist in many parts of Cappadocia. Moreover, these hotels host a large number of tourists and visitors throughout the year. Unlike the usual hotel concept, the integration with nature by being designed inside the cave directs travelers here. When you ask Cappadocia cave hotels, you will see that all the hotels in the region are located in the triangle of Urgup, Avanos, and Goreme.

Cappadocia cave hotels
Cappadocia cave hotels

Why are There Cave Hotels in Cappadocia?

Its geographical structure and historical background can explain the density of cave hotels in Cappadocia. We all know that millions of years ago, when the Erciyes, Hasan, and Gullu mountains were active volcanoes, the first foundations for forming Cappadocia were laid with the lava they spewed out. It is stated in many sources that it took its present shape with the rains and wind erosion over time.

As a result, fairy chimneys occur. When we examine the past of Cappadocia, we can see that the concept we call today’s cave hotel emerged centuries ago. When you go to Cappadocia or take a tour in your car, you witness that everywhere is covered with fairy chimneys, caves, and valleys. In short, every corner of the region bears witness to history. The fact that the hotels were built inside the caves also indicates that they carry the historical texture and geography of the region to the present day.

How were the Caves Used in Cappadocia Before?

Before examining the Cappadocia cave hotels, we will look at how the caves were used in ancient centuries. The first human settlement in Cappadocia dates back to the Paleolithic period.

We can say that caves were used as settlements of the first humans millions of years ago. We should also mention that the rocks, deep valleys, and caves here served as shelters for Christians fleeing the Roman Empire. It is known that Christians lived together with the first people in the houses and churches carved into the rocks in the Cappadocia region. From here, we can understand that the caves, which now serve as hotels, have witnessed the first experiences in history.

Moreover, almost every region of Cappadocia hosts fairy chimneys. At the same time, in many written sources, it is stated that the people who settled there after the emergence of fairy chimneys carved houses and churches, leaving effects that still carry the traces of many civilizations today.

Urgup Cappadocia Cave Hotels

Urgup is among the most important settlements of Cappadocia. Most of the hotels in Urgup are in the cave hotel concept. By spending your holiday in the mysterious cave hotels of Urgup, you can have the opportunity to be intertwined with history.

Hotels in Urgup are included in the class of cave hotels and the group of stone-carved hotels. In addition, in these hotels, you will see the motifs of old times reflected in the decor, and you will feel like you aren’t only in the hotel but also the museum.

Goreme Cave Hotels

One of the options you will come across in Cappadocia will be the Goreme region. Goreme is seen as one of the places that attract the attention of travelers with its incredibly spacious and perfect geography in terms of its historical background and natural structure.

Moreover, there are many valleys and churches to visit in Goreme. Goreme cave hotels are generally located close to the center and places to visit. Hotels, in general, reflect the history of stone houses down to the most delicate lines. You can enjoy your holiday in Goreme hotels, built in a very decorative way from white stone walls to high ceilings.

Uchisar and Avanos Cave Hotels

Cave hotels in Avanos impress with their architectural structures resembling an old Greek mansion. In addition, small boutique-style hotels where green integrates with nature maintain their presence in this region.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to taste the local flavors of Cappadocia in the menus of the hotels here. The cave hotels located in Uchisar, on the other hand, lay the whole of Uchisar under your feet. When you look out the window, you see valleys, fairy chimneys, and magnificent churches.

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