Historical Places in Istanbul

Historical places in Istanbul await visitors with their enchanting beauty. Istanbul is indeed a great city. Every part of this distinguished city is full of high historical value and beautiful buildings. In addition, this city was the capital of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman empires in the past.

Historical places in Istanbul
Historical places in Istanbul

Opening its arms to many different civilizations has also caused Istanbul to carry different cultures.

We have listed the historical places to see in Istanbul in this context. If you have planned a short-term Istanbul trip, we recommend you to go to these places.

Historical Places in Istanbul: Hagia Sophia Mosque

The first historical building that comes to mind when you think of the city of Istanbul is undoubtedly the Hagia Sophia Mosque, which was also active as a museum and church in the past.

One of the most prominent features of this building, which was opened for the first time in 537-538 and was built by the Byzantine architects Anthemios and Isidoros, was made three times in the same region.

Topkapi Palace

One of the historical buildings that you must see in Istanbul is Topkapi Palace. Topkapi Palace, which has been the main center of the state for centuries, also stands out as an area where Ottoman emperors lived.

People lived for many years in this palace, which the Ottoman Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet built-in 1478. If you want to discover Istanbul’s importance for the Ottoman Empire, you should go to Topkapi Palace.

Grand Bazaar

Being one of the first shopping centers globally, the Grand Bazaar is one of the most iconic structures in Istanbul.

The Grand Bazaar is located in a large area with 4,000 shops and an average of 35,000 employees. This important bazaar, which hosts approximately 600,000 people daily in some periods, is one of the places that you must include in your Istanbul trip.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Historical mosques in Istanbul wink in all their splendor. Located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, this mosque is an essential part of the Suleymaniye complex. This mosque, one of the seven hills of Istanbul, overlooks the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus.

Maiden’s Tower

There are many rumors about the Maiden’s Tower, a fundamental historical structure, and this structure has also been the subject of legends.

This important work from the Byzantine Period also hosted a tomb during the Greek period.

Basilica Cistern

This important cistern with a water storage capacity of 100.000 tons was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I to meet the water needs of the Byzantine palace.

This cistern, which has a tiny entrance, has an average area of ​​11,000 square meters. Because there was a basilica in the place where the cistern was located in the past, people gave it the name Basilica Cistern.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower is an important historical building with many different legends about it. This tower, named after the region where it is located, is in the form of a museum today and is one of the essential symbolic structures of Istanbul.

This building, built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius, has served in different areas such as a lighthouse, fire surveillance area, and shelter. If you want to see the perfect view of Istanbul, you should stop by here.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)

This unique mosque, which was a large part of an essential complex, has become a symbol of Istanbul. Because the architect’s most preferred color in this mosque is blue, people call this place the ‘Blue Mosque.’ It’s also possible to come across tile structures in blue colors on the giant dome, half domes, and inside the mosque. While Hagia Sophia was a museum, the Sultan Ahmet Mosque was the principal mosque of Istanbul.

One of the most prominent features of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which comes to mind first among the historical buildings you must see in Istanbul, is its acoustics are very different.

Fener Greek Boys’ High School

Standing out as one of the three Greek education institutions still operating in Istanbul, Fener Greek Boys’ High School is among the historical buildings in Istanbul. This structure was built by the Byzantine people who returned to Istanbul.

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