How To Plan Turkey Trip?

If you are wondering ‘how to plan Turkey trip‘, we have prepared a guide for you. The second country in the world in terms of growth rate, the sixteenth most prosperous state with a stronger army than NATO and a very high youth presence, Turkey is currently one of the most controversial and, at the same time, most fascinating lands.

Its lands, including Thrace and the Anatolian peninsula, form a natural bridge between Europe and Asia.

How To Plan Turkey Trip?
How To Plan Turkey Trip?

Rich in natural parks, magnificent landscapes, and famous beaches, Turkey is today a highly modern country with a dynamic society gradually moving away from religious traditionalism. If you think of organizing a trip to Turkey, this article is for you!

How to Go to Turkey?

When planning your itinerary in Turkey, keep in mind that getting from one city to another is relatively easy, given the active transport network.

For those who have limited time and want to visit more places, you can use various domestic planes, sea buses, and ferries that form the coast from Marmara and Istanbul in the Black Sea. We recommend train, car, and bus for those who love to enjoy the scenery along the route and truly experience the journey.

Where to Stay in Turkey?

Considering the large number of tourists who decide to visit the wonders of Turkey every year, there’re numerous accommodation facilities throughout the country.

In addition to luxury hotels (especially in big cities), there’re hostels, guest houses (in small towns), campsites (the more adventurous can try treehouses), and historic homes.

Best Places to See in Turkey

We show you below the country map with the most critical places not to be missed during your travels in Turkey. Here are the best places to see in Turkey!


Istanbul is definitely at the top of the list of Turkey’s best places to see. This great city is divided into two regions, Europe and Asia. This contrast perfectly represents the ambivalence that distinguished ancient Constantinople.

You will also experience the memories of the great Ottoman Empire. Here, the ancient city walls of Byzantium, old cemeteries, mosques, and grand monuments peacefully coexist in the context of the present city.


Cappadocia is the second reason for you to travel to Turkey. This is the breathtaking wasteland, and the iconic fairy chimneys will leave you speechless.

During your trip to Cappadocia, we recommend that you don’t miss the open-air museum and rock churches, Devrent Valley and Uçhisar Village, and Göreme. Without a doubt, balloon flight allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of these incredible landscapes.

The natural beauty of these places is further enhanced by the millennial history of populations who built incredible underground cities to protect themselves from enemies.


We include Pamukkale in the list of things to see in Turkey. You can admire the shimmering white waterfalls that draw an almost surreal context here. That’s why this place is also called ‘Cotton Castle.’

Over time, the calcium-rich waters gushing from the hot springs shaped these large terraces. In addition to this magnificent natural work, you will also have the opportunity to explore the Hierapolis archaeological site.


Our journey with places to see in Turkey continues with Ephesus. In particular, the archaeological site of this place preserves the valuable remains of the ancient city dating back to the Roman Empire.

Among the top attractions, you’ll find the excellent Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian, the theater, and the temple of Artemis considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The splendor of this site speaks to the immense importance of Ephesus as a cultural center of the Mediterranean.


Ankara is another stop not to be missed on your Turkey trip. Ankara, which has a strategic location on the Anatolian Plateau, has been an important meeting point between the main trade routes since the past.

We will be able to better understand the region’s incredible history by visiting the fascinating Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. We also recommend you to see the reminiscent Mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, who declared Ankara the capital in 1923.

Bodrum and Turkey Beaches

Bodrum deserves to be among the places to be seen in Turkey. It’s the perfect seaside resort on the Aegean coast because it offers activities and attractions for all tastes. On the other hand, nature reveals itself in all its beauty to those who decide to take a cruise on the gulet, the traditional Turkish boats that will allow you to reach deserted and peaceful coves.

Nemrut Mountain

First of all, the location of Nemrut Mountain contributes to making this place unique. You will find yourself at the highest point of Northern Mesopotamia, among the peaks of the Eastern Taurus. The feeling of majesty and splendor will reveal itself before your eyes complete the work.

Here, the sanctuary dedicated to the Commagene King Antiochus I stands out. It was founded in 1953. This tomb consists of a stone mound at the base of the three terraces that make up the sanctuary, enriched by altars and colossal statues placed in front of the rest of the body. What makes this site even more fascinating is its direct contact with nature and its atmospheric phenomena.

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