Places To Visit in Antalya

We have compiled places to visit in Antalya. In this post, you will read about places to visit in Antalya and their details.

Antalya is one of the best-known tourist destinations in Turkey, a city full of charm, with palm tree-lined boulevards and a beautiful marina.

Located in the southwest of the country, it’s characterized by a long Byzantine domination, then passed under the Ottoman reign until 1923, the year of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic.

places to visit in Antalya
Places to visit in Antalya

So let’s find out together what to see in Antalya, the best attractions, and things to do to make the most of this magnificent destination. We have compiled places to visit in Antalya. Here are places to visit in Antalya!

Places To Visit in Antalya: Kaleici and Hadrian’s Gate

Kaleici represents the historic district of Antalya, where many of the oldest attractions are located. It begins in the main square called Kale Kapısı (Gate of the Fortress), which features the ancient stone clock tower and a statue of Attalus II, the city’s founder.

Continuing south, you can admire the eighteenth-century Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque, a beautiful mosque subsequently restored in 1886 and 1926.

Kesik Minare Mosque

The Kesik Minare Mosque is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The Kesik Minaret has initially been a crucial Roman temple that was converted into a church entirely dedicated to the cult of the Virgin Mary during the Byzantine period and later converted into a mosque during the Ottoman period.

Unfortunately, the whole building was severely damaged the minaret by a strong earthquake. Today it’s a place of archaeological importance, surrounded by an exciting neighborhood that attracts many visitors.

Yivli Minare Mosque

The symbol of Antalya is the Yivli Minare, the fluted minaret erected by Sultan Aladdin Keykubad at the beginning of the 13th century, together with the adjacent mosque, which is still in use today.

The minaret is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic places in the city and is located within the historic town, easily accessible from the city center.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Antalya, located about 2 km from the old city, is one of the most famous in Turkey and tells the extraordinary history of Antalya through the artifacts found during archaeological excavations.

In contrast, the Sculpture section includes an extensive collection of statues and copies of Hellenistic sculptures made during the Roman period and found in the renowned site of Perge.

Then there is the section of the Sarcophagi, which collects numerous sarcophagi and steles of particular beauty, and the section of the Mosaics, where it’s possible to admire the findings of the ancient city Seleucia and Xanthis.

Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park is a fascinating and wonderful green space, very close to the city center, characterized by outstanding water features and interesting tropical vegetation. The main attraction is the Hıdırlık Tower, a Roman structure almost 2000 years ago.

Walking along the paths instead, it’s possible to admire various plants and trees and the pond embellished with suggestive fountains. You will also find a small playground and an outdoor gym heading towards the park’s center.

Beaches of Antalya

Antalya’s beaches are mostly rocky, like the beautiful Lara and Konyaaltı beaches. In addition to these, we especially mention Adrasan and Phaselis beaches and Patara, which are known for the scenery they are located together with the ancient ruins.

You can reach all these beautiful beaches along the coast. Buses and dolmuses go the most famous ones, but not the less frequented coves.

Duden Falls

Located about 10 km from the south-eastern beaches of Antalya, the Duden Falls are characterized by a depression of about 15 m deep and 20 m wide.

The waterfalls are immersed in the wonderful Duden Park Botanical Park and are part of a karst system rich in stalactites and stalagmites.


The area around Antalya is full of important archaeological sites that date back thousands of years! One of the most important and most loved is undoubtedly the ancient city of Aspendos.

Located less than 50 km from Antalya, the archaeological site is located in what was once the region of Pamfilia and dates back to the Greek-Roman period.


About fifty kilometers from Antalya, set in a spectacular mountain setting, we find Kemer, a former fishing village, and today a well-known tourist resort with a public beach and a large amusement park. It is the first locality of this type to be encountered west of the city.

It has been carefully designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape and offers the perfect setting for a beautiful holiday. Kemer beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.

There is also a wide choice of cafes and shops on the promenade, where you can find high-quality souvenirs. In the south of the city, the fully equipped Kemer Marina offers boaters the opportunity to enjoy the pristine bays and beaches.

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