Places To Visit in Istanbul (11 Places)

Get ready for new adventures and discovering this unique city with places to visit in Istanbul. Attractions in Istanbul are endless. Istanbul offers its visitors incredible sights and exciting places.

Places To Visit in Istanbul
Places To Visit in Istanbul

Of course, it isn’t possible to mention the best things to do in Istanbul, but here you may find the fascinating ones and those not to be missed during your visit to Istanbul.

11 Magnificent Places to See in Istanbul

1.      Places To Visit in Istanbul: Hagia Sophia

The 1,500-year-old cathedral is one of the symbols of Istanbul. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian commissioned the largest church in the ancient world. After conquering Constantinople, the Ottomans converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish state, had it converted into a museum. Today it’s a mosque again. TripAdvisor users annually vote Hagia Sophia among the most beautiful sights in the world. Entry to Hagia Sophia is free.

2.      Blue Mosque

The masterpiece of Ottoman architecture is one of the most famous buildings globally and the most visited sights in Istanbul. The mosque is in Istanbul’s old town, next to the Hagia Sophia. Visiting the Blue Mosque ‘Sultan Ahmet Camii’ is possible free of charge outside of prayer times.

3.      Topkapi Palace

For 600 years after the conquest of Constantinople, Topkapi Palace was home to the Ottoman Sultans, their families, and harems. In the palace, you will see the sultan’s living quarters, the harem, part of the Ottoman gold treasure, Islamic relics, and learn more about palace life in old Istanbul.

4.      Dolmabahce Palace

The 18th-century palace is the successor to Topkapi Palace in Istanbul’s old town. The massive palace decorate with 14 tons of gold leaf; you can see the living quarters of the sultan and the harem, which are modern compared to the Topkapı Palace.

5.      Grand Bazaar

4,000 shops, 30,000 jobs, and 500,000 daily visitors make the 15th-century Grand Bazaar one of the liveliest attractions in Istanbul. Souvenirs, clothing, antiques, gold jewelry, jewelers, books, you can find anything you can imagine in the Grand Bazaar. It’s possible to spend a whole day in the Grand Bazaar without problems.

6.      Galata Tower

The tower north of the Golden Horn attracts visitors with a beautiful view of Istanbul’s old town and the Bosphorus. It’s also a perfect place to get a first overview of Istanbul and its sights. That’s why we always recommend visiting it on the first day of a city trip to Istanbul.

7.      Bosphorus

The 30 km long Strait of Bosphorus connects the Sea of Marmara in the south with the Black Sea in the north of Istanbul. At the same time, the Bosporus separates the continents of Europe and Asia. You should not miss a Bosphorus tour in Istanbul!

8.      Galata Bridge

The two-story drawbridge connects Istanbul’s old town with the young district of Beyoglu over the Golden Horn. The busy bridge is famous for dozens of restaurants on the lower side of the bridge, street food stalls on its south side, and regular ferries to the Asian side of Istanbul.

9.      Maiden’s Tower

Also called Kız Kulesi or Maiden’s Tower is a former lighthouse on a small island near the entrance of the Bosphorus. There is now a restaurant and a lovely café on the top of the building in the tower. Boats leave every 15 minutes from Üskudar on the Asian side of Istanbul to the tower, 150m offshore.

10.  Basilica Cistern

It’s one of the most impressive and mystical structures in the city. The two Medusa heads used as supports under the two columns on the northwest side of the cistern attract the most attention and attract visitors.

11.  Gülhane Park

Located in the famous Fatih district of Istanbul’s old town, Gülhane Park is one of Istanbul’s largest and oldest city parks.  The name Gülhane means ‘House of Roses,’ which isn’t surprising given the lush variety of flowers in the park. The park is awe-inspiring during the Istanbul Tulip Festival in March and April when millions of tulips create a colorful sea of flowers.

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