Red Valley (Kizil Valley or Kizil Cukur Valley): Best Hiking Information

In our list of valleys in Cappadocia, Red Valley (Kizil Valley) ranks first in terms of interest. In the second place is the Ihlara valley. White Valley and Zemi Valley are in third place, followed by others. There aren’t many beautiful churches with colorful frescoes in the Red Valley, and there aren’t as many extraordinary dovecotes as in the Pigeon Valley. However, this mysterious, secluded, and even somewhat mystical valley got its name because of the red hue of the rocks.

Most often, on maps and diagrams, the valley is indicated in Turkish: Kizil Valley or Kizil Cukur Valley. Some homemade signs in English mean the direction of the valley entrances. The total length of the valley is about 1.5 km.

The Kizil Valley stretches from the Meskendir Valley to Aktepe Mountain and ends with an exit to Sunset Point. The observation deck offers magnificent views of the surrounding valleys. It is a tradition to come here in the evening to watch the sunset. In the last third of the way, the trail starts to rise.

In some places, the rise is very sharp. So much so that even metal stairs install. Be careful with the stairs; they aren’t too difficult. There are many exciting and long (up to tens of meters) tunnels. Sometimes there are relatively large areas where vines grow, and sometimes the path passes through cliffs. Along the way, you come across residences of residents who are engaged in agriculture and earn extra money from tourists along the way.

How to Go to Red Valley?

You can go to Red Valley in many different ways: The first option is to go from Goreme to Baglidere Valley. You cross the entire Baglidere Valley. You go down the hill to the dirt road where the cafe locate. Here is a street where several roads intersect. Actually, you are in the Meskendir Valley. You go to the right, and after 650 meters, we see a left turn to Kizil Valley.

Red Valley in Cappadocia
Red Valley in Cappadocia

The second option is to exit Cavusin from the cemetery from the rock castle to Goreme. About 300 meters from the cemetery, there will be a fork. It would be best if you went along the road to the left. 300-400 meters from the division on the left, then 500 meters to the left. You are going straight, and after 650 meters from the cafe, you see a left turn to Red Valley.

The third option is to go directly through the Meskendir Valley. First of all, you must enter the Meskendir Valley from the first entry option for this valley. Then cross the entire first part of the valley (2 km) and turn right into Red Valley.

Suggestions for the Red Valley

If you don’t hurry, it will take 2-2.5 hours to go to the valley. The Red Valley isn’t very long (about 1.5 km), so combining it with other valleys makes sense. For example, it would be an excellent option to pass through Meskendir Valley, then go to Red Valley, then to Rose Valley, and then to Cavusin.

What are the Red Valley Churches?

There is a beautiful church in the Red Valley. The history of the Uzumlu Church dates back to the 9th century. It locates at the beginning of the valley. The church is famous for its colorful ceiling painting depicting bunches of grapes. Hence the name comes from here.

Is Red Valley Worth It?

The Red Valley is definitely one of the valleys you should visit during your Cappadocia tour.

Is Kizil Valley Entrance Fee?

No, entry to the Red Valley is free.
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