Paragliding in Cappadocia

Paragliding in Cappadocia is an opportunity to feel like a bird for a short time, enjoying the lunar landscapes of mysterious valleys from almost a kilometer high. The starting point for paragliding in Cappadocia is Cavusin village, in the heart of Nevsehir. This is a village on the road from Avanos to Goreme National Park.

Today, the city of rock abandon, but there is no end to tourists here as it locates right next to the road. Its feature resembles a large piece of cheese with a large hole. In Cavusin, the Church of John the Baptist, one of the oldest in the region, has been preserved. 7-8 inside the building. You can find frescoes dating back centuries. From the top of the city, there is a breathtaking view of the Goreme National Open Air Museum.

Paragliding in Cappadocia Features

Paragliding in Cappadocia is technically a lightweight design based on a gliding parachute. The main difference between a parachute is that a paraglider uses horizontal flight and a parachute for vertical flight.

It is straightforward to use and learn due to its simple design and low weight. Experienced pilots can cover distances of up to 300 km and climb to an altitude of about 4000 meters.

Paragliding in Cappadocia
Paragliding in Cappadocia

If you prefer a more calm and measured program where you can choose the route, we recommend you book an individual tour in Cappadocia.

Where Can You Paraglide in Cappadocia?

Paragliding in Cappadocia, as part of their flight, tourists will be able to see the following places:

  • Pasabag Valley or Monks Valley,
  • Zelve Valley and Zelve Rock Monastery,
  • The highest point of Uchisar Castle,
  • Red Valley (this is the most popular among tourists and also the most diverse),
  • Love Valley with its famous phallic rocks.

Within Cappadocia tours, you can visit your favorite places from the air or explore the region independently. In any case, the main thing isn’t to sit in a hotel but to devote more time to broaden your horizons.

Before jumping, tourists will listen to a short course on safety during flight and landing and familiarize themselves with the equipment. In addition to the package tour insurance, we also provide the insurance policy.

Accompanied by an experienced trainer, our customers will have the opportunity to jump from a height of 500 meters. Then, with the help of a cable and winch installation, we will reach the desired size in the 750-850 meter region, and then we will open our wings and fly towards adventure. The total duration of the tour is approximately 2.5-3 hours, including transfer from hotels in the area, detailed instructions in your language, and the actual action itself. You will take photo and video footage throughout the tour, which you can later purchase cheaply from the instructors.

Paragliding prices in Cappadocia are almost non-existent compared to the feeling you experience while gliding like a bird in the sky.

Which are the Best Paragliding in Cappadocia?

The best paragliding in Cappadocia is our parachute expedition on the tour we will provide you. You can take a look at our green tour package now.

Which Paragliding in Cappadocia is Good to Escape the Crowds?

With the many hidden gems in Cappadocia, you may have limited interaction with the crowds. You can contact us immediately and choose our unique tours.
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