Rose Valley (Gulludere Valley)

Rose Valley, or Gulludere Valley, is one of the most famous valleys near Goreme. It includes our Red Tour.

The valley locates closer to Cavusin. But often tourists also visit from Goreme. The name of the valley was due to the pink hue of the rocks. The valley has two canyons (spurs), from which we can distinguish two sections. These two canyons have two different entrances, but then they merge. The valley has churches, dovecotes, vineyards, turtles, and lizards.

Rose Valley
Rose Valley (Gulludere Valley)

Where is Rose Valley? How to Get to Rose Valley?

Gulludere Valley locates between Cavusin and Goreme in Nevsehir. If you enter Cavusin, pass the mosque and the cemetery, and follow the ‘Gulludere’ signs, you will first greet by a valley compound known as the Meskendir Valley. The valley track, which starts 2 km south of the old Cavusin village and extends east-west, continues as Rose Valley, Kizil Valley, and Meskendir and ends in Goreme.

When approaching Boztepe, the Gulludere Valley merges with a different section and forms a line. A dirt road enters the valleys. Another entrance is from Goreme, and Meskendir Valley is the first valley to be visited on this entry route.

Churches in Rose Valley

There are also different churches in the Rose Valley:

3 Crosses (Üç Haçlı) Church: It goes back to the 10th century. It got its name from the three crosses carved into the ceiling. The church has frescoes.

Ayvali Church: It dates back to the 10th century. If you go from the Meskendir Valley, it is approximately 1 km away. The church consists of two chapels, one of which is a tomb. The frescoes have been preserved in the church, but unfortunately, you cannot see them as it is closed to visitors.

Crusader Church (St. Agathangelus Church): It dates back to the 10th century. The church locates near a seasonal cafe. It is famous for its flat ceiling with a large cross. The church discovers at the top that a wooden staircase leads to it.

Church of St. Joachim and Anna (Joachim-Anna Church): It dates back to the 7th century. If you go from the Meskendir Valley, it locates approximately 600 meters from the entrance of the Rose Valley. The church is locked and impossible to visit. There are two small chapels on either side of the church. It believes that this may have been a monastery complex. One of the chapels probably served as a tomb.

Column Church (Direkli Church): Its history dates back to the 11th century. A large church whose buildings are connected by tunnels. The frescoes inside have not been preserved. It is about 400 meters from the Church of St. Joachim and Anna or 1 km if you enter the Meskendir Valley.

Where is Rose Valley?

Rose Valley locates between the Cavusin and Goreme districts of Nevsehir.

How Much is the Rose Valley Entrance Fee?

There is no entrance fee for Rose Valley. Although there is no charge to enter the valley, the churches may have different prices. It may be necessary to pay a fee to visit the structures in the valley, which have magnificent views and historic buildings.

Is There a Campground in Rose Valley?

There is a camping area in Rose Valley. The valley also offers excellent opportunities for campers. Rose Valley also has a rich structure in terms of camping areas. There are also areas where you can walk extensively in the region. Likewise, in this beautiful environment, people can go tent camping and caravan camping. It is possible to make unforgettable camps among apricot trees in a lush setting in summer and spring.
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