Meskendir Valley: Hiking Information

Meskendir Valley stretches from Cavusin to Goreme and Ortahisar highway. One of the longest valleys (about 4,4 km). But the most exciting part is about 2 km, between the Kizil Valley entrance and Kaya camping.

The valley in this part is a canyon from which a stream flows. In the dry season (August-September), the entire stream dries up. At other times it is necessary to consider that it can be dirty, and it is better to drive over this part of the valley.

Meskendir Valley
Meskendir Valley Cappadocia

There are dovecotes, tunnels, and seasonal cafes in this part of the valley. This part extends back to the Red Valley. Gradually the canyon becomes much broader. There are platforms where Cappadocia hot air balloons take off, and tourists get on. In the second part of the valley, paths to other valleys appear. If you count from the camping area, after 2 km, there will be the entrance to the Kizil Valley on the right.

The Entrances of the Meskendir Valley

The first option is the most popular way to enter the valley. You are driving along the road from Goreme to Goreme Open Air Museum (1,3 km). After passing this place, you move to the Kaya camping area (1 km from the museum to the camping area), which will be on the left of the road. You turn left. Meskendir Valley starts behind the camping area.

There is a very steep descent just below. If you go up a little bit, there should be another smoother descent.

The second option is to drive from the castle from Cavusin to Goreme (approximately 200 meters from the castle to the cemetery). You pass by the graveyard. There will be a fork 300 meters from the cemetery.

It would be best if you had the road to the left. Actually, the valley has already started, but the most exciting part will be about 1 km from here, around the Kizil Valley turn. In this way, you can both travel and experience pleasant moments. Therefore, the more sightseeing options you apply, the more unique places you can see. Of course, you can also contact us immediately where you are confused.

Recommendations for Meskendir Valley

A walk of the first most exciting part will take 1.5-2 hours. There is nothing more to see in the valley. Therefore, if you walk without looking at the valley, it will not take more than 1 hour to reach Cavusin. This valley is often combined with a visit to the Red Valley and Rose Valleys.

The most common option is to descend from Kaya camp to the Meskendir Valley (or if you want to visit the church, you go up first). Then you go to the Red Valley and pass there. Here you can take great photos and enjoy nature.

Meskendir Valley Churches

The Meskendir Church dates back to the 11th century. According to the descriptions, it is approximately 1 km from the first entry option (Kaya camping area).

It locates on the right in the direction of travel, not in the canyon itself, but at the very top (you need to climb it). On the ceiling is a large carved cross decorated with heavily worn frescoes. The church decorates with various geometric ornaments made on stone with red paint.

Is Meskendir Valley Mercenary?

No, Meskendir Valley is free.

Where is Meskendir Valley?

Meskendir Valley is in Cappadocia. It extends from Cavusin to Goreme and Ortahisar highways. One of the longest valleys (about 4,4 km).

Is Meskendir Valley Worth It?

The Meskendir Valley is definitely a place worth seeing. You can experience unique times.
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