Pasabag Valley Cappadocia (Monks Valley)

Get ready for another perfect experience with Pasabag Valley Cappadocia! You can see the part of the fairy chimneys, which wears out and takes its final appearance over the centuries, most clearly in the Monks Valley. These views, also known as Pasabag Valley Cappadocia and Monks Valley, have managed to protect themselves for centuries, adorn the valley and welcome all visitors.

Considering that millions of people come from one end of the world to see the unique beauties of the valley, the word beauty isn’t enough for these formations. Pasabag Valley Cappadocia, which takes its place at the top of the list of the most famous valleys in Cappadocia, is in the most critical position in the region.

Where is Pasabag Valley Cappadocia? How to Go?

Pasabag Valley, located in Goreme National Park, will meet you just before you arrive in Zelve when you follow the Goreme road. The name of this valley, situated at the Zelve road turn, has also gone down in history as Zelve Valley. You have two options to go to the Pasabag Valley Cappadocia. The first one is that when you come from Avanos and Cavusin road from Avanos side after you deviate from the Zelve part in the left area, you reach this unique valley without coming to Cavusin. The second is that you come from Avanos and Urgup road.

Pasabag Valley Cappadocia (Monks Valley)
Pasabag Valley Cappadocia – Monks Valley

Pasabag Valley is the most characteristic area belonging to the Cappadocia region. While there are many places to visit and see in this area for tourists from all nationalities every year, there is even a church in the region.

There is a rumor that monks seclude in the region in ancient times. While this information was only a rumor before you came to this region, once you enter the Monks Valley, you realize there is a lot of truth. Because this region of Cappadocia, which is the quietest and most peaceful, guarantees that you can sit here for hours without even talking.

There is a gendarmerie zone at the entrance of Pasabag Valley Cappadocia. However, the place where the gendarmerie locates is inside a fairy chimney. In other words, the region has been wholly adopted with its appearance and desired to transfer to other people. It is possible to come across tour buses in large sizes at the parking point of the cars at the valley entrance. Tour companies often bring tourists here, especially from Eastern countries.

After the tourists move through the valley a little through travel guides, we come across another corner of seclusion. After this chapel, the valley divides into different paths, and fairy chimneys await you on every road.

Well, you’re hungry during this fantastic trip, and your eyes are looking for something to eat. Let us enlighten you now. You can have an excellent breakfast with foods such as toast and pancakes in the tea stoves at the valley’s entrance. In addition, exhibitions are selling touristic items that you can examine right after you eat.

Grape clusters and stumps from the past in the valley attract a lot of attention, accompanied by bird sounds. It is also possible to see individuals engaged in individual beekeeping. You can eat a lot of mulberry from the mulberry trees while walking. Even thinking that you live in caves in the valley to spend a few hours in complete peace, away from the technology we live in, is enough to open the doors of entirely different worlds to you.

Zelve ruins have located 5 km from Avanos and 1 km from Pasabag. The area, which consists of 3 valleys in total, is known as the area where fairy chimneys are most common in the Cappadocia region. The fact that the first religious seminars were given to the priests in Zelve and that it is the center of life for the Christians also makes the region special. Zelve ruins open their arms to all visitors who come in the historical sense with their absolute beauties.

Pasabag Valley Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to Pasabag Valley Cappadocia, which has unique beauties, has been removed with an application that considers tourists. In other words, you can visit the whole valley for free and have peace with bird sounds while not harming your budget.

What is Pasabag Famous for?

Pasabag Valley is famous for its appearance and fairy chimneys. Pasabag Valley, where you can experience the unique view of Cappadocia, is the most popular destination.

What is Red Tour Cappadocia?

Cappadocia Red Tour is a popular type of sightseeing tour that covers all popular destinations in the northern region of Cappadocia, such as castles, villages, Goreme Open Air Museum, and pottery workshops, with unique valleys, excellent fairy chimneys, and viewing points. All of our tours have professional tour guides and professional drivers.
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