How to Go to Cappadocia On Your Own? (Complete Instructions)

This post has prepared a guide to going to Cappadocia on your own. We describe in detail how to prepare for the trip and optimally allocate time on the spot. While writing, we took into account the mistakes made by tourists.

Preparation for Cappadocia Trip (Independent, Without Travel Agencies)

So, here are the first things you need to do before the trip:

Before you start the journey, you need to understand what you want to see on the spot and what types of entertainment you like. To do this, check out the must-sees in Cappadocia and choose what appeals to you. Thinking, discussing, calling other travelers, etc. You will have about a month for it. The best time to travel is September.

going to Cappadocia on your own
Going to Cappadocia on Your Own

Close to the start of your Cappadocia trip, start independently searching and buying air tickets, booking hotels, and ordering health insurance. Start searching and buy in advance; it will be cheaper. You can explore even earlier.

Buy a plane ticket to Ankara or Istanbul. This is the best option! If you research and buy in advance, you can catch a ticket at much more affordable prices. There are even very cheap tickets. But such tickets need to be watched daily and bought immediately without hesitation. Cheap tickets for Cappadocia will have some flaws. For example, inappropriate departure time (at night) or off-season features may be wrong.

Search for a hotel for an independent Cappadocia trip. Online hotels are much more sought after, including booking. If there is something profitable in the reservation, the online reservation authorities will direct you and make the purchase there. However, you can also contact us.

Make sure you book a hotel in Goreme village. This is the tourism center of Cappadocia! If you can’t find accessible hotels in Goreme, look for neighboring settlements: Cavusin, Uchisar, Avanos, Urgup, and Nevsehir. Out of season, the hotel is straightforward to find on-site.

Don’t compromise on health insurance. This savings is imaginary until the first situation. If something happens to you while hiking in the valleys, remember that there is an excellent clinic in Nevsehir. In an insured event, your insurance company will send you there.

Pack something a week before an independent trip to Cappadocia. But pay special attention to comfortable shoes for walking in the valleys, you will not need a swimsuit, as there is no sea there. Also, have an English-Turkish dictionary with you to facilitate communication.

What to Do in Cappadocia?

Check out the Cappadocia to-do list:

  • Walk through the valleys and see the famous sight of volcanic origin, likened to the moon. Take the steep Ihlara Valley, Kizil Valley (better to go alone), and Zemi Valley (less visited and secluded) first. You can go to the Valley of Love. Also, go to Gorkunder Valley. In these valleys, finger-shaped rocks are the trademark of Cappadocia.
  • Be sure to take the Cappadocia hot air balloon, or at least watch a few dozen take off in the morning. It will be a lovely experience for you. Balloons take off near Goreme village. Flying in a balloon is an expensive pleasure. But the impressions last a lifetime.
  • Visit the underground city of Cappadocia. It is best to go to Derinkuyu. This is the largest underground city (12 floors), and there are also smaller ones. For example, Kaymakli underground city has eight feet.
  • Try Turkish kebab, a local dish. This meat dish (lamb with vegetables) prepare in a unique pot, in which the waiter hits the neck with a large knife or even a hammer after serving it to the table. Very unusual and delicious with local wine or beer.

What is the Best Way to Get to Cappadocia?

The easiest way to reach Cappadocia is by plane, regardless of country. There are two different airports in Cappadocia. These are Kayseri Erkilet Airport in Kayseri and Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport.

Do I Need a Guide in Cappadocia?

You don’t need a guide to visit Cappadocia. After this post, you will be able to travel on your own. When you have a problem, you can contact us immediately.

How Many Days is Enough for Cappadocia?

The ideal time to visit Cappadocia is three days. However, it will be much better for you to extend this period.
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